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Hi! This is my first post onto this site, and I figured I’d start it off with an idea!

What would happen if there was a movie about a group of children that were born with some genetic modification that, as they grew up, allowed them to alter certain parts of their bodies into various shapes? And then once they reached a certain age, something would happen, and they’d be able to change their entire body into that shape.

Only, if they weren’t careful, they could lose their humanity, and retain whatever shape they took when they lost that humanity.

It would be possible that these ‘shifters’ would live underground, orphaned and rejected by society because of their abilities.

That’s when the chaos starts.

Some strange virus or something of the sort goes around and starts giving the supposedly ‘normal’ people the same abilities of the shifters, only it’s a lot more painful, a lot more grotesque, and deadly. If you don’t die from it, you become a monster-like being that targets anything that moves, and kills it.

As time passes, the government/whoever is in control at the time blames the shifters for it, and starts hunting them down.

Then a special group of humans who are kind of like a combo between this new type of metal unimaginatively called ‘organic steel’ (which attaches to a person like a parasite and lives off of them, granting them powerful abilities and also slowly killing them), started by the gov’t to kill the shifters goes corrupt because the gov’t doesn’t really work in the first place. They start killing humans too, (though in secret so they get praised, and the shifters get blamed.)

The shifters are repulsed by this, and start fighting back, only it’s really hard to fight people when you’re not as technologically advanced.

Though they do have a ‘magical power’ advantage…

Yeah, that’s not as well thought out yet…




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