Kt's Imagination

Velvet Sky – {Prologue} Have We Lost?

—Kathryne’s Point of View—

I remember very little of the day my parents died. It all happened to fast, so painfully fast that they were torn away from me. It felt to me like I had just been eating dinner with them, and then they had gone off to bed, never to awaken again. They’d gone straight to their coffins.

It was too fleeting, like water, vanishing before I could fully grasp it.

The pain I felt was clear, there were….pipes I think, forcibly crushing my abdomen, my appendix….I think. There was very little light, and I felt a sharp pang of agony coming from my left arm and hand. The scarring on my neck tingled from the loss of blood.

My right hand itched towards my cell phone, slowly but surely making it’s way towards the precious object.

The world around me was hazy, covered in a thick, black fog. I instinctively knew that if I closed my eyes, even blinked, that I would lose it and die.

Something warm touched my cheek, a hand… I think, a male voice spoke, french in accent, but it wasn’t thick, “Kid, are you all right?!”

I could hear the yelling of other people, but it was faint, I couldn’t make it out, “Kid, listen to me! Try and focus on something, anything!” His voice was angry, agitated. Why? Why was he angry?

I tried to focus my eyes towards the voice, but they wouldn’t move, my body was so heavy, like lead or the PVC pipes that impaled it, I tried to speak, my voice was merely a whisper, “Wh-Who are you?” I managed to breathe out.

I heard a sigh of relief, “Good, you can speak. I’m Giovanni, and I’m going to get you out of this mess, okay kid?”

Dying, and breathless, I could only give him a very, very small nod, but I knew he saw it. At that time, I didn’t know whether or not I would make it, and the loss of blood wasn’t helping matters much either.

“We’re going to pull those pipes out, okay kid?”

I couldn’t reply, they didn’t give me enough time, and as they did so, a soundless scream bubbled up in my throat, I couldn’t give voice to it, could not express my pain. However, my expression must have been one of pure agony.

I like to think I did wear an expression of agony, but frankly, I cannot remember. My mind blanks as soon as I get to the part where he starts removing the pipes.

One, by one, by one.


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